Terms and condition

Terms and conditions / Privacy policy of VmatchU

Privacy Policy:

Data security

  • No other agent / user can access your personal data until you receive your match with them.
  • We only utilize the date of your property for the purpose of creating matches.
  • If you are using our B2B Agent System, then no third party can access your data from VmatchU’s portal.
  • If any agent/consumer approaches you from some other source (other than our portal), then VmatchU is not responsible for any such deals or communication.


Data Accuracy

  • We first verify agents, who wish to become a part of our portal, to ensure that only valid agents use our portal.
  • No obsolete information would be found on VmatchU, as we keep a strict check on our agents’ data.

Terms and conditions:


User’s registration & verification

  • Once a person opts to register with VmatchU, we reserve the right to thoroughly validate his personal and company’s information.
  • Following the registration process, the intended-user goes through the process of verification by the team of VmatchU.
  • If VmatchU’s team is satisfied with the scrutiny, only then an intended-user becomes our verified agent.
  • Through all steps of registration and verification processes, the VmatchU’s team keeps the intended-user posted regarding his status via emails and text messages.


Purchasing package

  • Agents have to buy our package of minimum Rs: 5000/= in order to start enlisting his property.
  • Payment will be submitted to our account details provided to the user on his invoice.
  • After making the payment, the user will have to upload his bank statement’s screen shot, as a proof of payment, on the invoice for verification.
  • Once we verify the payment, the agent can start enlisting properties on our portal.
  • There is no refund policy after buying the package.
  • Agent will receive email and text message updates upon his package activation.



  • reserves the right to remove any agent at any point of time, from its portal, if the obsolete data is found on his profile.


Payment deduction details (no refund)

  • Rs: 50/= per property enlisting
  • Rs: 10/= per match
  • Rs: 50/= on every property edit

If a user happens to enlist wrong property details, then the company will not refund any amount.


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